Leathal New Years 4 SHOW!

December 31st, 2022 in Worcester, MA at The Raven, We are closing out the new year with a bang! This is a 21+ event and we got one Hell Of A LINE-Up for you!

FIRST JASON – Lead SINGER Ari Lehman, who actually played Jason Vorhees in the Original Friday the 13th MOVIE will be rocking the stage!

The King Of Horrorcore King GORDY will be in the building!

Lex The HEX MASTER, A DOPE MC going to be murdering the stage!

GIBBY STITES – HE’s going to be murdering the stage as well!

Problemattik – This dude is an amazing MC he’s spitting BARS like no other around here!

Kapital Punishment – They have been around about 20 years and still murdering every stage they grace!

DR. GIGGLEZ- NO Leathal Show is complete with out myself! Babies on crosses, Hearing VOICES IN MY HEAD! DR. GIGGLEZ will be bringing you one hell of a stage show!

There are more to be announced and you will not want to miss this special show!

$13 tickets, a great show, what more could you ask for on New Years EVE!

Get your tickets now before this show sells out!

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