Dr. Gigglez Releases The Resuscitation!

ON August 27th, 2022 , Dr. Gigglez releases a Brand New Album after 12 years! The entire album’s music is produced by Jay RENO!

This is an official Leathal Wrekords release!

This album features some amazing guests on it!

Bizarre of D12


Kapital Punishment




IF you click the link below, it will take you to some DIGITAL Platforms, but it is available where Digital music is all over various platforms!


CDS are available in two ways! You can contact us as we are getting ready to revamp this entire site! A store will be brought on board for MERCH!

Also, you can head to the MERCH booth at 13th WORLD Fright park in Palmer, MA on nights it is open and cop you a cd, some T-SHIRTS & More!

Another way is when DR. GIGGLEZ is at a show, you best believe CDS will be there for you to pick up!

The best thing you can do to help support Dr. GIGGLEZ is stream, purchase and share your favorite songs with your friends and family! Word of mouth goes a long way! If you want more DR. GIGGLEZ music, spread the word!

If you purchase the CD it comes with a 11X17 poster! Dr. GIGGLEZ will sign which ever you want!

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