13th World Fright PARK

Located in Palmer, MA at 1701 Park Street, formerly known as the crossroads, now is a FRIGHT Park complete with a midway and a haunted trail. Opening night was on Sept 24th, 2022!


They have 2 locations, the original is located in CUMBERLAND, RI at Diamond Hill PARK!

There are two locations in the midway that are included with your ticket! Alone, which you will go in by yourself and try to make it out!

The next attraction is called: Chambers of Lost SOULS! Filled with FOG and total Darkness! A flashlight will not help you in this attraction! Good luck!

IN The midway also has several Photo OPS & a booth to buy CANDY!

Once you exit the midway and head to your car, make sure to stop by the two merch booths right next to each other!

Merch BOOTH #1 is for 13th WORLD and you can pick up some cool masks and hoodies!

Merch BOOTh #2 is for Dr. GIGGLEZ! Here you can purchase some items and I will include the price list below! One thing I did want to mention that a brand NEW EP called ” Welcome TO The 13th WORLD” is available exclusively at the FRIGHT PARK at this MERCH BOOTH! It is themed to the FRIGHT PARK and has some bangers on it! You can also meet DR. GIGGLEZ as well!


The Resuscitation CD & POSTER COMBO: $10

The Resuscitation Album cover T – SHIRT $20


Dr. Gigglez Tickle TIME T-SHIRT: $20

Dr. Gigglez Hats: $30

Welcome TO The 13th WORLD EP & POSTER COMBO: $10

So come on down, add touch of fear to your ticket and take in a whole new level of scare at 13th World FRIGHT PARK!

The Fright park is open on Friday, Saturday & SUNDAY! There are a few Thursdays with no actors so that those that are too scared can come through and check it out! So make sure to go to http://www.13thworld.com and check out the schedule and grab your tickets!

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