Dr. Gigglez Returns to MUSIC!

Dr. Gigglez & Lil Eazy – E

Friday MAY 6TH, 2022 was the 3rd show that Dr. Gigglez has done this year! Performing with DJ CLAY, MYZERY at Fete in Providence, then Playing with Dirtball on Easter!

May 6th saw Dr. Gigglez perform with the likes of Kapital Punishment, Tre LB, Lil Easy – E & More!

Also on May 6th, 2022 Dr. Gigglez Launched new merchandise!

You can also purchase new merchandise from this store! https://dr-gigglez.creator-spring.com

Lots of options to choose from and more will be coming! So Go buy some and support your favorite Serial KILLER!

Also, be on the look out as a brand new album will be coming this year called ” The Resuscitation” So far we are 7 tracks in and it is the best work that I’ve ever done to date! We did do a brand new song called “Autopsy” during The May6th SHOW! More info coming for the new album, but have no fear we are still going to be doing the podcast, still covering Haunted attraction infra s well s reviews, videos and more! This is the place for all things Horror Related!

Dr. GIGGLEZ at Fete Music Hall – Providence, RI
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