The Conjuring HOUSE

On NOV7th, 2020 Jimmy & I headed off to The Real Conjuring HOUSE! It’s located in Harrisville, RI, which is 5 minutes from my house and pass it at least twice a week! There is a lot of Haunted History, Hell they made a movie about the house based off of the investigations of the Warrens!

While a lot in the movie has nothing to do with the activity in the house, it still is very active! We had witnessed a door to the Library just swing open and it actually swung into the other door, then bumped into me!

I am very Skeptical and always try debunking anything that could be activity verse something that can be explained! While in the house we used the Quija Board, Spirit RODS and tried talking with spirits through out the night!

I will admit, I thought Spirit RODS were complete BS until I tried them! While using them I could actually feel like someone was at the end moving them. It was strange and blew my mind actually!

After we were done doing Paranormal investigation through out the house which was roughly around 1to 2 AM. We all set up where we were going to try to sleep for the night! Yes, Sleep in this house! I didn’t sleep very long, but I laid on the couch listening to the house to see if anything had happened while we were either laying down or sleeping! I didn’t notice any activity, but it was still an awesome night!

NOW, You can enjoy a night in the house as this was an event put on by Karren Tatro who is a spirit medium! They do events once a month and with COVID, its is very very limited! If this is something that may interest you, click the link and check out the various events and readings that she does! She is really awesome and will explain things to you, you may not understand and will make sure everybody is included in everything going on!

Karen Tatro

Other items to list is when everybody is there everybody brings something for everyone to eat and share with the group. The group size is dictated by gathering amounts per RHODE ISLAND STATE GUIDELINES for COVID19! It was a great event, we got meet some really amazing people and had the time of our life! Jess & I actually booked another night in FEB 2021!

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  1. How much is it to spend the night? I’m a YouTube content creator are cameras allowed?


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