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2020 has been one hell of a crazy year for everyone! COVID19 really threw a monkey wrench into everything! Everybody knows that we strive to go to as many Haunted Attractions as possible! The podcast will begin as soon as the Haunt Season is over, so stay tuned!

Now a bunch of Haunted Attractions have not opened at all due to COVID restrictions! So I decided for this year that I was going to Work at a Haunted Attraction and get to see first hand what it takes to be a scare actor! I’ll be honest, its not as easy as you would think!

Think about this for a moment: You are running around like a crazy person scaring people, talking trash, ducking punches, and having the time of your life! Watching reactions from guests as some pee their pants or fall to the ground and run! Its amazing what it takes and then when your done and the rush is gone, your hunched over, body sore and ready to never get out of bed!

I’ve seen some really amazing scare actors here that I’m glad to be part of the 13th World Family! I’m very appreciate that they allowed me to work there and give it my best shot! I will always been down to join in on the fun and do what it takes to make sure that we put on the best show for the guests! What I decided to do was film each night in certain areas for where I work in the clown set! I also do weekly Tales of A Scare Actor videos on YOUTUBE giving you an inside look at what goes on at a Haunted Attraction! Below are links to some of these videos and make sure to subscribe as we are constantly uploading footage and other videos and its been a blast! Can’t wait for next season!

Also, make sure you head to for ticket info!

Laughing JACK & Gigglez
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