Haunted Attractions That are OPENING in 2020 UPDATE:

With COVID still among us I wanted to create an up to date list of Haunted Attractions that are opening in 2020! If you do feel safe enough to attend an event, I highly suggest doing so and supporting the Haunt Industry! All of the Attractions that will be opening do have your safety in mind as well as everyone else!


Fright Haven:


They opened on September 12th, 2020 to some pretty big crowds! You can see what their operating schedule is, also what ticket pricing is as well! Please be sure to also check out our review from last night as well!

Legends Of Fear:

Located in: Shelton, CT! They have announced their opening for 2020! This Haunted Attraction is another one that is a fan favorite in New England! Safety measures in place and make sure that when tickets go on sale that you get them early due to its popularity and will sell out quick!
Head to: https://www.legendsoffear.com/

Trail Of Terror:

Located in Wallingford, CT. This Haunted Attraction has been known to be a fan favorite in the area! Make sure to head to their website as they have a lot of COVID19 info, ticketing info as tickets WILL NOT be sold at the door and must be purchased Online!

The Dark Manor:

Located in Norwich, CT. We had gone there a couple years ago and loved this attraction! I have enclosed our REVIEW when we did them over at SFNEOnline! Please be sure to check them out and check for ticket info, COVID19 info & more!

New Hampshire:

Fright Kingdom:

Located in Nashua, NH, This is always a staple for A Haunted Attraction to enjoy every year! We do know the Attraction will be open, along with Safety measures in place! Head on over to : http://frightkingdom.com/

Haunted Overload:

Located in LEE, NH, This attraction has been rated #1 in the country and is a favorite among Haunt lovers! They have announced that they will be opening for the 2020 season with Safety Measures in place! Make sure to buy your tickets early as I have a feeling this attraction will sell out fast! Head over to: http://www.hauntedoverload.com/


Spooky World is located in Litchfield, NH! A very popular Haunted attraction in the New England Area! Make sure to check out their website for directions, pricing, covid19 info & more!


Barrett’s Haunted Mansion:

Located in Abington, MA. A very popular attraction in the area, but this year they are doing things a little different! They will be doing Screens & Screams. Drive in with Scare actors lurking in the shadows to scare guests! Head to : http://www.bhmansion.com/ for more info!


Scream & Stream:

Located IN Kissimmee, FL. It boasts a 1 Mile drive thru attraction! Much is unknown at this time and once they open, we will get you an inside look at this Haunted Attraction! Head to : https://www.screamnstream.com/ for pricing & more info!

The Road:

Located in Orlando, FL, This is a brand new Experience! You drive your car through the attraction ! Who knows whats lurking, but beware! Head to wwwthehauntedroad.com for more info!

Rhode Island:

13th World:

13th World, located in Cumberland, RI will be opening for the 2020 Season. Make sure to head to their website for more details, along with pricing, directions & more!


Haunted Labyrinth:

Haunted Labyrinth, Located in Cranston, RI is one of Rhode Island’s Must do Haunted Attractions! Be sure to check their website for schedule, tickets and other items relating to COVID19!


Scary Acres:

Scary Acres, Located in Hope, RI is a Haunted Hayride that many across the state enjoy! Due to COVID19, the Corn Maze will not be operating this year! Check their website for more information!

As more Haunted Attractions announce their opening, we will update this page! Keep checking back as we keep adding more and please be sure to support any Haunted Attraction that you can get to!

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